AuthPost is a marketplace for the buying and selling of articles and blog posts about products and services. Oftentimes, links appear in the content about those products and services. Pricing is based on the author’s social media influence: which is determined based on current Authorship status, their current Klout influence, and the topic they write about. The more popular the author is, the higher the cost to get that author to write about your product or service. Authors get paid by AuthPost to create and publicize great content.

More Visibility for Your Web Site
As a web site owner, you’re always looking for new places to get the word out about your products or services. By connecting with authors that are well-known in their industry or topic, you will get more visibility, you will get links directly to your web site, and will target the right visitors: your potential customers.

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Authors who will write about your products and services are very transparent–they have connected their web sites to their Google+ profiles and all of the content they write appear in the Google search results along with their photo that shows their Authorship status. Moreover, their popularity and ability to get visibility for your product or service is proven by their current score.

Authors: Another Way to Monetize Your Content
As a blogger or writer, we know that you have a passion for writing and creating awesome content. You have put a lot of time and effort into your social media efforts, especially on web sites such as Google+ and on Twitter. You have a great Klout score. Wouldn’t it help if you got paid for the content that you write? Author Post seeks to bridge the gap, and help you get paid for your time and the hard work you’ve put into building up your Klout Score and your Google Author status.

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